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Popcorn is a great snack for everybody. It serves kids in school, it’s a fun and affordable way to give your guest a treat. And it is a couples’ perfect snack for a movie, especially in cinemas. So we thought we would share some amazing recipes on five ways to enjoy your Princess Popcorn whether at home, in a cinema with loved ones or having fun somewhere with friends.

Now you can shake up the traditional way of enjoying this snack.

Peanut Butter, White Chocolate and Marshmallow

Some things just make the perfect company: a rich peanut butter, an insanely delicious sweet white chocolate with the temptation from a marshmallow mixed and you will know exactly what we mean. Now you’ve got one more invite to make this party out of this world. Bring in Princess Popcorn to the party and you will realise you’ve never had a popcorn before now. It’s a gang made in heaven! It’s so yummy and super delicious you would want to eat it over and again. So go ahead and try it because it’s time to satisfy your cravings and dare we say, enjoy it!

Milk & Popcorn

If you don’t like too many guests at your party (like peanut butter, white chocolate and marshmallow type) but still want it fun packed, then you may want to go the way of having your popcorn densely enriched with milk. The thickness of the milk will depend on how you like it and of course the taste as well. But be rest assured that your taste buds will get the satisfaction they truly deserve. After all, what’s life without good food?

Chocolate Popcorn Balls

So you like it dark and thick with the mesmerising aroma that makes everyone within the environment salivate, hoping they could get a piece of that happiness? Alright then, we’ve got you covered. Experience snacking like never before with popcorn and chocolate. You can dissolve your chocolate bar into a thick paste or melt one and pour it over your popcorn and mix. Allow to cool down and make balls of it. Guess what we call it? We call it “balls of goodness”!

Toasted Coconut and Popcorn

Who remembers the chewy golden-brown snack made from shredded coconuts? Simply toss your popcorn and shredded coconut together and have fun to the fullest. This style will leave you or anyone else who tries it asking for more.

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