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In its bid to constantly innovate and improve on products and services, the company has recently launched a new product package for one of its products – Bakers Choice icing sugar. According to the Marketing Director, the new packaging has a better reflection of the spirit of the brand. It also boasts of better durability for sustainable storage, a more appealing look plus contacts for customers to easily reach the company. And of course, improved product quality.

Bakers Choice icing sugar is very white, fine and consistent. It is ideal for decorations in smooth creamy products like buttercream, fudge icing, almond paste and perfect sweetener for all drinks. It also contains advanced technology in anti-caking agent.

To carry our stakeholders along and to address any possible fear of originality that our customers might encounter between the old and new packaging, the company through its social media handles and other platforms have sent out communication reassuring our customers of the originality of both.

However, customers may also reach out to the company via any of the social media DMs should they have reason to do so regarding the originality of any product.

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