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A new and exciting snack range!

We are delighted that our snack and confectionary range is available all across Nigeria. Perfect at home or on the go!

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Another customer focused reason why our snacks are great.

At Princess Snacks, our focus is on producing and distributing quality, nutritious, innovative and affordable products.

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  • Princess Tasty Bites

  • Princess Popcorn – (30g x 30)

  • Princess Cupcakes – Vanchoco (30g x 36)

  • Princess Twinnies Cupcake – Vanilla (60g x 24)

Princess Snacks
April 11, 2021

Fun Ways To Enjoy Princess Popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack for everybody. It serves kids in school, it’s a fun and affordable way to give your guest a treat. And it is a couples’ perfect…
Princess Snacks
April 11, 2021

Princess Snacks Launches A Special Cupake – Vanchoco

Princess Snacks, one of the brands under the Graceco umbrella is set to launch a new and special kind of cupcake into the market called Vanchoco. It is the first…