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Princess Snacks, one of the brands under the Graceco umbrella is set to launch a new and special kind of cupcake into the market called Vanchoco. It is the first of its kind within the cupcake subset.

Vanchoco is a unique blend of vanilla and chocolate. The product offers all the deliciousness of vanilla and chocolate so consumers can have a two-in-one yummy goodness. According to the Public Relations/Marketing Manager, now consumers can pay less for more and still have fun on the go.

The cupcake also boasts of convenience and affordability. It comes packaged with an attractive laminate/wrapper and is expected to go for just N50 retail value. The company strongly believes that with the introduction of the product in the market, consumers will have value for money while snacking with Vanchoco. It is safe for both kids and adults, so everyone can have fun with it.

According to the marketing director, the product launch is in line with the company’s objective to constantly innovate to meet the dynamic nature of target market. He said that other products are also in the product development stage and will soon be launched into the market. According to him, consumers are in for an amazing time ahead with safe and nutritious products to meet their daily snacking needs.

To reach the company, both consumers and distributors/prospective distributors can use any of the contact channels provided on the packaging.

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