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At Bakers Choice, our top priority is to source and process food grade, top quality ingredients for our bakers and consumers so they can get the right result every time!

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Bringing the best quality ingredients to you while also caring for our communities.

It is our desire to not only improve the lives of people by providing quality products and inputs but also to ensure that we care for the livelihood of the local communities as well.

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Bakers choice has its roots in baking and cake decorating. The founder and CEO of Bakers choice was part owner of a popular cake shop for over 2 decades back when the confectionery business was just starting out in Nigeria. Because of this, we are well positioned to understand the needs, intricacies and struggles that are inherent in the confectionery industry. Bakers choice was birthed from the need to fill the gaps that made baking a little more difficult than it needed to be.
With years of research and technology, we have been able to present the Nigerian baking community with high quality baking and cake decorating materials at affordable prices. This has all but eliminated the need to import baking ingredients which are subject to high exchange rate and shipping costs.
To take it a step further, we developed the Bakers choice recipe which consists of a collection of tested and trusted recipes that will help you achieve your baking goals every time.
We are confident that you will have a blast working with these amazing recipes.
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Bakers Choice
April 13, 2021

What You Need To Bake For The First Time

Baking is one of the oldest methods of making food. It comprises of various methods, recipes, ingredients, utensils, measurements. Some popular baked foods are cake, bread, pastries, pies etc. Baking…
Bakers Choice
April 12, 2021

Bakers Choice Icing Sugar Wears A New Outfit

In its bid to constantly innovate and improve on products and services, the company has recently launched a new product package for one of its products – Bakers Choice icing…