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Baking is one of the oldest methods of making food. It comprises of various methods, recipes, ingredients, utensils, measurements. Some popular baked foods are cake, bread, pastries, pies etc. Baking is good for the health because it brings all your senses (smell, touch and hearing) to bear.

So if you’re looking at baking something delicious but have never baked before, here is a list of things to get you prepped for your first amazing baking experience. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Baking requires a great deal of confidence and the right mindset. Doubting yourself could mess up your measurement. Trust your gut and trust the recipe.

Now, you don’t want to enter your kitchen and start baking without having an idea of what exactly you want to bake. That would be funny, wouldn’t it? Do you want to bake that soft spongy cake, that chocolate cookie you saw, or that muffin that you can’t keep out of your mind? Have an idea.

Now that you finally know what you want to bake, how are you going to go about it? Different products require different recipes when baking. Don’t panic if you’ve got none, you could look for recipes on blogs or watch videos on YouTube to help you. This will help you with the right information to bake what you want.

Having the right tools for the right recipe: Measuring cylinders, spoons, bowls, mixers, cutters, pans, ovens etc. are all very important to baking the kind of goods you want. So ensure you have the right tools for the right outcome.

Every recipe requires different ingredients for baking. We have wet ingredients such as milk, eggs, liquid flavours, and melted butter, there are also dry ingredients such as flour, baking soda, powdered milk, cocoa, icing sugar etc. Having your ingredients and your recipes, you are good to fly.

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