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It was truly an amazing Ultimate Bake-off contest right from the submission of entries to the grand finale and the post competition training/mentoring.

Over 150 entries were submitted for the preliminary round which saw nine finalists emerge from different parts of the country with three Lagos, one from Bayelsa, one from Edo State, one from Calabar, one from Umuahia, one from Abuja and one from Ogun State.

These were grouped into teams of three namely. To help the teams, each team was assigned with a team mentor in order to coordinate them with their tasks and give them all the professional tips and tricks.

To make the competition fun, the teams throw jabs at each other with each team claiming superior skill and stating that the competition is already theirs. Here are some of the interesting videos from the teams before the grand finale.

And after over 5 hours and 30 minutes of baking warfare in two sets of tasks with each team struggling frantically to do their finishing touches and a tough decision session by the judges, team Red emerged the winner of the grand prize of the ultimate bake-off contest for 2021, while team white came second and team blue in the third place with each teaming going home with N2.5m, N1m and 500,000 respectively. Here is the video of all that went down …

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